What to do? What to do?

Okay, so I've been thinking about this for a while now. I'm disgruntled with blogging. Primarily because when people comment, and I want to dialog back with them I can't seem to find a good way to do that. It's easy enough when it's someone I see on a regular basis but a lot of you live elsewhere and I don't communicate with you except for blog comments. This is frustrating. I don't know what to do. Conundrum!

Is it best to just comment back on your own blog comments if you want to say something? Do you go back to see if someone responded when you leave a comment? Or should you go to the other bloggers blog and make a comment even if their most current blog has nothing to do with what you're talking about? What do the rest of you do? In addition to that, there are times when bloggers go silent and maybe that is just because they are busy but more often than not it's because they are sad or frustrated or worried. How do I check in with them other than just posting another note on their last blog? They might not want to reply back and that's okay, I just want them to know I'm thinking of them.

I feel like going searching for email address' might be over the top...

And since I don't know the right answer just yet here are some responses I've been wanting to pass along...

Ashleigh - I still love you even if you don't think Susan Boyle is all that. :) About the picture, well it's so nasty even I don't like to look at it. Maybe I'll email it to you? Or next time you are back out at the winery I can show you over a glass of Pinot Blanc...or Dolcetto...and I hear the Arneis is great this year!

Stacey - NBA! Big time here in Rip City. Tough game last night. I must admit I don't watch much basketball but I was very sorry to see Mutombo go down. He's just such a great guy. Of course my entire city is pleased with the game last night! Next two in your town!

In addition to that gripe I think I may have to split the blog into two. One for normal every day life and one for infertility stuff. I feel like those who don't also suffer the fates of infertility probably get pretty bored with all that crap and since that will soon become pretty prominent in my life. So I think this blog might become my infertility blog, and my Run Baby Run blog which most of you probably don't even know about, will become my every day life blog. It was meant to chronicle my running....and well that didn't work out! Might as well use it for something else.

If I split it, you can choose to completely ignore the whining, crying, bitching, moaning and pity party that IVF and all the drugs it entails will bring.

Comments? Is the split good? Bad?


Melissa said...

i rarely go back to see if the author commented back. When i am answering questions i will usually post a comment on the person's most current post and sometimes my page too in case they come back to find out.

two blogs seems like a lot of work, but then again i'm pretty lazy :)

Missy said...

I am also not sure what to do and what I actually do depends on the situation. If the remark I want to leave is closely related to the topic of a recent post, I would post a comment on that post and make it clear I'm referencing something else (like "about your comment on my blog...". If it's unrelated to a recent post, I'll post a comment on their most recent post (and still reference something else).

I don't like the idea of two blogs for two reasons. One, us IFers still like to hear about your more general life and that you exist outside of IF. We could read both, but that is less likely to happen. And second, keeping them together would help to educate non-IFers about what we go through. You don't force anyone to read your blogs so if they wanted to skip a particular post then they could.

Stacey said...

Hey girlie,
I've been following the NBA since I was in high school (ahem, for probably about 17 years now, yikes!). Although I don't watch a whole lot during regular season, I LOVE playoff season! I am glad to see your Blazers building a winning team again and cleaning up their image. The Rockets are so hit and miss lately, but I hope they have a good run. I have a few teams I'm pulling for this year. :)

OK, enough b-ball talk. About the blog: I occasionally go back to check for a response to a comment, but I don't always think about it. I'm more likely to return to the post if I know that the blogger typically follows up. Likewise, I sometimes address commenters on my own blog as well but I'm never sure that they'll come back to see it.
I agree with Missy - it kinda depends. If the person hasn't blogged in a while and I want to respond to a comment, I always look for an email address and reply that way.
I'm sticking with the group and suggesting that you stick with one blog. I say real friends want to keep up with all manner of news: good, bad, and ugly!

The Krull Family said...

Well, I don't really know about the comment conundrum... facebook an answer? I don't know.

As for the infertility "whining".... I like reading it. It's like taking people on the journey with you. Everyone has something in their life that doesn't come easily... there are many common emotions even if the struggle isn't "fertility challenged" (how's that for PC?!). Keep writing... I enjoy reading!

Jo said...

As someone who is frequently the object of your support (at least lately), I can tell you that I am moved no matter how you reach me.

I always read the comments left on my blog, always. In some cases I will check back where I left a comment, but it's rare.

In one extreme case I read a gazillion comments on the Lushary because a commenter mentioned that I was mentioned there. . . all I can say about that one, Erin, is thank you.

I may not know you IRL, but I feel like I DO know you. Email is never out of the question -- in fact, I'll post it here so that you don't have to go searching.

You have held me up this week -- I don't know what in the world I did to deserve such a great friend.

(Oh, and one blog is easier for me to keep up with. . .but that's just me being selfish and lazy. You do whatever you want -- it's your blog(s)!)

Many, many hugs,

Suzy said...

Comments are totally random from blog stalkers - people like me. I may never run across your blog again, so if you reply on mine, I would... give take thing. I guess.

You do have a cute blog.

Andrea said...

If a comment needs a response I just email that person and then we continue our conversation in our little private email world.

As for splitting your blog..DON'T!! I think you should be able to blog or not blog about whatever you want. If the blog is your life and your life is the struggles with infertility then I think it definitely belongs on your every day life blog. But if you want to keep it separated for privacy than that is one thing...Does that make any sense??

Just my two cents...feel free to let it go in one ear and out the other.

Ashleigh said...

Erin! You're blog is the one and only that I can fully rely on to always make me smile. I fully understand your frustrations, I like your split....veddy nice. xoxo