Tomorrow marks the official One Month Until My 31st Birthday date. At this moment I'm feeling a little like Phoebe in that episode where she's turning 30 and she hasn't accomplished all the things she had planned to by 30, and then she finds out she's actually 31 so trying to reach those few goals left were pointless...It's actually one of my favorite episodes, they all turn 30, or 31 as the case may be. And yes, I can make just about anything in life a reference to Friends.

So yeah, feeling a little like I have a lot left on my list at the age of almost 31! So I'm going to make up a new list with some attainable goals for the year and mark them off one by one. Maybe I can't do everything, but I can certainly set some goals and meet them. I also reserve the right to add to the list at any time.

The List - To Be Completed by March 24th 2010

1. Practice my cake decorating skills more, maybe even learn to use gumpaste
2. Relearn to crochet
3. At least start the outline and character list for one of the stories rolling around in my head
4. Clean out and create a craft/writing area in the guest room closet
5. Ride my bike downtown to Powell's Bookstore
6. Write letter and card to friends near and far, because mail that isn't bills is fun
7. Give IVF a real attempt, including eating better, losing weight prior to, and taking all those vitamins and stuff I'm supposed to.
8. Get Scott to quit smoking (he's cut back significantly, but I'm going to work even harder, even if he hates me for it)
9. Be kinder to my spouse, especially if he's cutting back on smoking
10. Clean the attic


kirke said...

That's a good list!

My husband used to have a love affair with tobacco, but I made him read one of the articles online that says what it does to your sperm count and motility. That helped him quit, but was he ever sad for a while :)

Happy early birthday!!!!

Melissa said...

I agree!
Knowing me i'd lose my list and that'd be a great excuse not to do it. Here's hoping the next year brings you all the things you want to accomplish!!

how's your leg doing?

Stacey said...

This is a great list! My fave is #6 - I love sending and receiving snail mail. E-mail is great but you're right, it's awesome getting something in the old mailbox that's not a bill!

Good luck with all of these (especially with encouraging your hubs to quit smoking)!