Humility thy name is Erin

Many, many years ago when I was a wee young lass in college I went to church service with my roommates and a few other friends. Michaela if you're reading this you might remember this story...Anyway, at that particular service we learned about humility. We prayed for God to humble us to that we might be less self centered and more in touch with his word and the things in life that really mattered. I prayed and prayed for humility. I asked God to humble me. I felt good leaving that church, thinking I'd really come away with something positive. After the service we jumped in Dani's Jeep and drove down to the bagel place for lunch. As we all hopped out my foot caught on the door or maybe the seat belt. With one foot out of the Jeep and one foot in I fell flat on my face, pavement to cheek. Thankfully I wasn't injured at all, but I was humbled. Laid out in front of four other friends. I figured that day God had really been listening to me. Michaela, bless her heart couldn't not laugh at me.

So why is this important at the moment? Well you see since that day I haven't prayed for humility yet somehow God in his infinite wisdom thinks it is fun to inflict me with a huge zit on the center of the bridge of my nose! This in addition to my broken ankle! It's not bad enough I have to tell people that I broke my ankle falling backwards down two stairs, now I have to do it with a nose to rival Rudolf! Ugh.

The good news is my ankle will not require surgery. I have a huge boot to keep it in place and I should be able to put pressure on it in a week or two. It's going to be 8-10 weeks before it's healed, double that before I'm fully recovered. But at least it doesn't need surgery.

I do need to come up with a better story for how I broke my ankle. Something no quite so lame. Ideas?


Melissa said...

uh that's the worst! (Pimple) I'll actually be having a good hair day and then something like that will make an appearance, lame!

Glad you don't need surgery!! woot!

you were playing naked twister when it happened? idk :)

The Krull Family said...!!!! Yes I remember, it's even funnier replaying in my mind! Oh man, that was so funny. What made it even funnier was that it was falling OUT of a car, that was parked on a hill, way more dramatic falling downhill. Oh, thanks for the laugh, I'm wiping tears away remembering it. Humility sucks.