Erin go boom!

Lame, pathetic and laughable sum up my last few days. On Tuesday as I was leaving work, headed to the gym, already in my gym clothes I fell backwards down a small set of stairs just outside the winery tasting room. I'm not exactly sure how it happened and it happened so fast that I can't figure out how certain parts of my body were injured. I think that I must have somehow been caught on the door and it pulled me back as I bounded up the stairs. I now have a huge welt and bruise under my right breast, so sore that I can't cross my arms and rest them on my chest. I also have a bruised knee and hip. But the worst is definitely my left ankle. It's supper puffy, supper black and blue, super sore. At this point I can't put any pressure on it. i'm getting quite a bit of teasing about making any excuse not to go to the gym...

I'm pretty sure it's just a really bad sprain. Scott's sister came over and did her nurse magic on me. I'm so thankful to have a nurse in the family. She poked at me, made me scream once or twice then wrapped me up and gave me crutches.

I thought, perfect! Now I can get around even though I can't walk on my foot. Wrong!

I'd forgotten just how miserable life on crutches is. I can't carry anything. I can't move at a decent pace. My right leg is exhausted from carrying the bulk of my weight. I just tried to do a load of laundry. I'm gonna be out of underwear and socks if I don't get some done. So I sat on the floor to load up the washer, but then I couldn't get back up because my right leg was so tired. It did that quiver, muscle spasm thing and I just fell right back on my ass. I whimpered and groaned and made some pathetic sound. Scott had to come pick me up. Pathetic!

And I tried to take a bath (because there is no way I can stand in a shower on one leg and I was starting to get pretty rank) and I couldn't get out. It was miserable, and cold because I was dripping wet. And I dropped my ankle wrap out of my reach so even though I did make it to the toilet I couldn't wrap my foot back up. I tried to grab it with my other toes but couldn't quite get a hold on it. So once again I had to call Scott to come help me. He snickers at me, and because I'm tired and frustrated I'm not finding it too funny, but I know it is...a little anyway.

I actually stayed home from work today because I was still in so much pain and so exhausted. I have to climb a set of stairs to get to my desk and the thought of doing that this morning just freaked me out. I have to go back down them if I have to use the restroom. Up and down those once or twice and I'm completely spent. Yesterday I only made it half the day before I was completely worn out. I even called Shana and canceled our plans to visit Greg in the hospital because I didn't think I could physically make it. I would have been tempted to steal a wheelchair.

Olivia is completely freaked out by the crutches. I got up in the middle of the night to use the restroom and when I came back into the bedroom she ran to the side of the bed and actually crawled up on my stack of books trying to escape them. Poor thing looked terrified. I had to move them out of her line of sight to get her back to her own bed.

I think we're looking at two weeks with crutches and I might pull my hair out. I'm gonna have one super buff right leg, super muscular pecks and no hair. I'm gonna be hot.This is the ankle two days later, the bruise is starting to spread up to my toes. Not pretty at all.


kirke said...

Oh no!!! That sounds horrible! I hate injuries like that. I think you should let your hubby do all the heavy lifting and just shrug and point at your ankle.

Melissa said...

that's terrible! Are you taking anything to help ease the pain??? Thinking of you, hope you get better soon.