Oh happy day!!

Yes two blogs in one day! Aren't you lucky? No wait, I'm lucky! Yep I'm lucky and Scott is lucky too! Scott has a new job! Hip hip hooray!

I'll be honest, it's been very scary and very depressing lately. I try not to think about it too much because it's something I don't have any control over, but now that it's behind us I feel like I can let go of that breath I've been holding for six months!

He's been hired by a local, well known, custom deck and fence company. He'll be working as a crew leader which is ideal. He'll still get to work with his hand and build things (something he loves) but also be able to run jobs and keep tabs on the process (something he's really good at). I don't think it's luck that he got the job, nope it's his experience and knowledge, but it is luck that his resume was picked up and weeded out of what was probably 400 other qualified applicants. Oregon has one of the highest unemployment rates right now so in that sense we are lucky!

Thank you to everyone who thought good thoughts, sent prayers and crossed your fingers! It worked.

Now I can really think about having a baby without worrying about how we'll pay for it.

A round of virtual drinks for everyone!


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kirke said...

Awesome news! It's such a hard market right now, I'm so glad your husband got a new job!!!

As long as you are buying the drinks, I would like a pina colada.

Stacey said...

Congrats! Great news!!