I miss normal

It's Sunday night and normally I'd be dreading the early Monday morning to come, not ready for my weekend to be over, not ready for another week of work. Strangely this weekend I am wishing it was just a normal Sunday so I could just wake up, take a shower and head into work. God how I wish I could take a shower! I miss normal daily life, including making coffee at work and making dinner!

I doubt that I will make it to work tomorrow despite my best intentions. I'm completely worn out even though I've been purposely taking it easy. My arms and back hurt so bad from using crutches that I wake up in the middle of the night with my muscles cramping up. This even though I am taking ibuprofen and percocet.

I did at least make it in for a few hours today. We were in Beaverton already to drop of a little gift we had for Greg and Shana. We'd been trying to get together for a few weeks to do this but something always came up, first Greg was in the hospital for a new round of chemo, then Shana got the flu, then I fell. I couldn't put it off any further because the gift was designed to help them escape a little from daily life with cancer and they are now embroiled even further. So I had Scott pack it up in a box for me. Let me just say that it was incredibly difficult for me to present a gift that was not wrapped up all pretty and perfect. I'm hoping the others who helped out with the gift won't be too disappointed in me. They all put so much thought and effort into it and it went over so well, they were both really excited about it.

Anyway, after a quick visit with Greg and Shana we went into the office and I climbed the super steep stairs and did as much work as I could. It actually got a lot done because it was so quiet. There might be something to working on a Sunday. While it wasn't enough for the whole week it did make me feel like I got a little jump start. Hopefully I'll be able to do other things from home. Got to keep the foot up so the swelling will stay down and the docotrs can help me.

I'm anxious for the appointment with the orthopedist on Tuesday. After looking at the x-rays more and talking to a few other people I'm really affraid that they're going to tell me that it will require surgery. I've never had a broken bone before let alone something that would require surgery! It makes me extreamly nervous and aggitated...

Phone consult with the RE really just led to needing an in face appointment so we can disucss the finer details of IVF and how to move ahead. I'm chomping at the bit. I knew this is where we were headed and now I just want to get going! I've read so many books and so many great blogs I feel like I'm ready! But I need to be patient. Very hard for me. I'm an instant gratification kind of girl. Our appointment is on Thursday pending any foot complications.

And now I think I'll head to bed early....again...


Melissa said...

Hope you got some decent sleep. I love working when it's quiet! I would always come in on holidays if my boss let me and get so much more work done!

I'm sure your friends appreciated your thoughtful gift :)

I hope you don't need surgery :(

leahisloopy said...

Man... I feel ya.
I had the same kind of thing last year (only not the same, because ankle breaks are worse).
I fell off my bike and busted my wrist. I DID have to have surgery, after 3 weeks of denial. And I will tell you... I felt much better after the surgery. It healed so much better than it was trying to do on its own.

And I had to walk 6 blocks to school with a sling. It was lame.

Anyway, I hope that the appointment tomorrow goes well! Hopefully they can fix everything quickly!

kirke said...

I'm an instant gratification girl too! That's why I just ate three cookies instead of thinking about my skinny jeans.

I hope you don't need surgery, and that your appointment went well!!