A few more things I've learned...

Things I've learned this week (and it's only Wednesday):

1. Succulents don't really like Prope.l water. I've never been good at indoor plants, I can even kill Ivy, but this is a new take on killing them. I was trying to do right by the lovely little succulent a co-worker gave me in an adorable planter, but my brown, no scratch that, black like death thumb has once again doomed the living. This little plant looks like withered brown glump (gob + lump). It must be the sugar in the water? Maybe there were electrolytes that just don't mix with plant species? Which reminds me of the stupidest movie ever made...I hate to even admit to seeing it, but Luke Wilson was in it so I was suckered in by eye candy. Anyway, don't watch Idiocricy. It's dumb. Even with eye candy. But they kill all their crops by feeding them a gator.ade like substance. If I was in the 7th grade this debacle could be considered a science project, as it stands I just killed a pretty little plant that only wanted to sit and look nice on my desk. In my defense I used the Prope.l because I couldn't carry the plant to a location where normal water was. Oops! I guess while I was out last week the same co-worker who gave me the plant picked up my water bottle thinking it was normal water and gave a little to the plant too. Are we co-conspirators in plant murder?

2. Cadburr.y Mini Eggs were put on this planet to make my ass big. I am certain that they are indeed full of crack or some equally addictive drug. There is no other explanation for why I have eaten so many in such a short time span. It's sick. I think I need help. Dorritos' also appear to have this addictive drug additive. I am certain of this because it's not just me who's eating them. Scott has assisted me in this sick endeavor.

3. Jimmy Fallon tickets in NYC are free! I called today to get us on the list to see him while we're there. Unfortunately they are only taking reservations thru March, but next week they should be into April. I heart Jimmy, and miss him since his days on SNL. I was heart broken when he got married last year. I had always planned to move to some remote part of the country and keep all my many husbands in a harem of sorts...Jimmy, George Clooney, Josh Duhamel and Scott of course.

And an update on my ankle since you asked Melissa :) It's starting to feel better and the swelling has certainly gone down. I still can't put my weight on it but I can put my foot on the floor and that's a huge improvement. I figure I have another week or so before I can actually walk on it in the boot. Thanks to everyone who's been asking about it and helping me out. It means a lot.

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Melissa said...

thank you, i now want to eat doritos! :)

Glad to hear it's healing, even if it is doing so slowly!