My friend Cheryl helped me escape the confines of my couch today by taking me to a movie. It was so good to get out and be a little social. We saw He's Just Not That Into You and I loved it. It was cute, and a little sappy, and had plenty of those socially awkward moments where you cringe for the character, much like watching an episode of The Office. I am so glad I'm not dating anymore, I would totally be that slightly psycho stalker-ish girl, with the best intentions of course. The cast was great. Jennifer Aniston, Ben Afleck, Justin Long, Ginnifer Goodwin and more. I love Ginnifer Goodwin and she was as adorable as ever in this. I totally want her hair! I couldn't find a really good picture of it, but this kind of shows it, short with a little bit of wave. I think I can pull it off because I have a pretty round face like she does. But I'll need to lose a little weight first so that my face is the only round part of me.

Ginnifer is on the left. It's a bit frizzier here than I like, but you get the general idea.
Here's another view, love the soft wave! It's very 1920's flapper, but a little longer. Got to
ask my hair dresser if this is even possible for me.

We have a phone consult with our RE on Thursday. I'll have to take my lunch break a little late and call them from the car. I'm a little nervous, a little excited. I'm ready to get moving on the next step. I am still trying to be cautiously optimistic. There is a long road ahead and this is just the beginning. But I always feel better when there is a plan, be it something as simple as grocery shopping or something at trying as infertility treatments. If I can look at steps or have assigned tasks I feel like I'm making progress, no matter how slowly. I need order and thrive when I am involved in a process.

I have to admit that I received word of another pregnant friend today and it wasn't as hard to swallow as the last few. I'm not sure if that's because this friend is someone we only see occasionally or if it's because news of pregnancy seems to be increasing ten fold or if it's because I've finally taken real steps to improve out own situation. I'd like to think it's the latter and that it will be easier to be supportive of my PG friends. I'm not going to kid myself though, I know there are still going to be days, maybe weeks where I just hate PG people in general. Through no fault of their own, it's just a knee jerk reaction.

I think making these appointments and redoing all these tests gives me a little sense of control though. Like I know that I am at least doing all that I can to make sure it happens for us. And in that I feel a sense of relief. At least I'm not sitting around wondering "what if?"

I hope everyone had a great weekend! I'm off to prop up my foot and snuggle with my little velcroe pup. She's been attached to me since I hurt my ankle. Love it when she's a little love bug!


Melissa said...

i want to see that movie! Glad you got out of the house and had some friend face time :)

i hear you on the plan or some steps toward the goal, i'm the same way. I get comforted by an organized grocery list!

Hope your leg is feeling better!

Stacey said...

Glad to hear you liked the movie - I want to see that one too!

It does feel good to have a plan and steps to follow if possible. Hope your consultation goes well. Sorry about the announcement, too. Those are definitely hard to take in sometimes. :(

kirke said...

I really want to see that movie. It looks too cute :)

I hope your leg starts to feel better!