My New Boyfriend

TGIF! I know, I know, I only worked two and a half days this week but I'm still exhausted and I am so looking forward to spending Saturday on the couch with my dog and some junk food. Let's just say the whole stay fit thing kind of flew out the window when I fell and hurt myself. I tend to get a little sad and feel sorry for myself these days and ice cream and Doritos really help lift my mood. I know, I know, it's not good. Now I'm sedentry and full of sugar, carbs and fat! I'm a blob in the making. I'm really glad Charity (BF) doesn't read this because I think she'd smack me and hand me some gym equipment that I could use at home. Not that that would be a bad thing....sometimes you just need someone to kick you in the ass to get moving ya know? But until that happens, or I can get back to the gym I think I might eat some Buffalo Ranch Doritos or maybe a Charleston Chew....maybe I'm PMSing? I haven't done that in a while, I forget what it's like to crave chocolate.

Speaking of junk food...Have you seen the new Weight Watchers commercials with the Hungry Monster? He's just about the cutest monster I've ever seen. I seriously want to cuddle him on the couch with a bag of Doritos! I've always had a love of Muppets and this guy falls right into that. The Cake Wrecks Blog had a post a few days ago with a sadly made replica of him...well I don't think it was really supposed to look like him, but it did. But I think I'd eat doughnuts and cupcakes with that little dude any day! I'm thinking that's not what WW had intended with the commercial...oops! I kinda love him. If you haven't seen the commercials I highly recommend you check him out on You Tube. You'll love him too. Who doesn't want a fuzzy little guy providing cake, cookies, pancakes and other delicious goodness? He seems like he might be the best boyfriend ever.

In the world of infertility, I had one of those moments today where I'm just bold face reminded that I an unable to breed. I hate it when that happens. Like I need other things to remind me? So I took this survey for She Speaks, a consumer group that lets me test things out now and again. Today's survey was really about daily life and it just assumed I was a mother. It had questions about the values I want to teach my children, how my own actions impact them and all sorts of others things. I didn't know how to answer them. Should I have answer them as if I have kids? Should I just give it a 5 out of 10 so I'm in the middle? Should I give it a 1 because it totally pissed me off that the damn survey assumed I have babies? There was no "not applicable" option. Anyway, it was just another one of those stupid things to annoy barren women. And yes I realize I'm a little sensitive. But it's still stupid for a consumer survey to assume I have children. There have to be plenty of people in that demographic who don't. I know I'm not the only 30ish working girl with no babies! At least the reward wasn't baby centered. Instead I'll be getting a free subscription to Ladies Home Journal and I am a sucker for FREE and a sucker for magazines, so yay me!

In even more infertility news we've decided to proceed with IVF, but not until May or June. This gives my foot time to heal (important I be 100% healthy), gives both Scott and I some room to breath before we take on what will undoubtebly be the largest undertaking out marraige has ever seen, and if it works we'd be blessed with a spring baby, and I just love that idea. In the mean time we will get every last thing on our check off list done and then enjoy a week long trip to NYC before heading back into the RE Den. I feel good about this plan. I actually feel really optimistic about our chances at the moment and I love that my Dr's office uses terms like "When you get pregnant" and "When you have a baby". They stay positive and that helps me. The only small problem is that I suck at waiting so I'm going to have to really focus on staying busy and being patient. In the Infertility Handbook that my mom gave me for Christmas the author who has survived many treatments suggests you make a comfort box for yourself in prep for IVF. Things like candles, candy, little silly things to make you laugh, anything that you can tangibly pick up and smile at. Plus who doesn't love getting a little present. So I think I'll work on that, find some inexpensive things to put in the box, wrap them up and forget about them until that first night I have to stick myself with a needle. Fun times!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Spring is just around the corner! I swear it, even if you're still covered in snow...


kirke said...

Ice cream always makes me feel better ;)

It sounds like you have everything planned out. I love the idea of giving yourself little treats!

Melissa said...

that is a really sweet idea! I think we should do that for ourselves monthly. Like a break in case AF comes and then another box in case she doesn't come! Something to look forward to!

Haven't seen the monster yet, he sounds adorable. Hope this spring passes quickly :)

Jo said...

I'm blob-worthy these days, too. Love me some Buffalo Doritos! Ben and Jerry are my BFF's too. . . .

I'll be glad when spring arrives and I don't feel like hibernating any more!