Spinach Artichoke Dip wins by a landslide! Oh and Prop 8 sucks!

The election is over…almost. We’re still waiting on a senate race here in Oregon, but other then that I’d say most races have been called and it’s time now to move on, watch and learn. I ate way too much Spinach Artichoke dip while watching the results come in and I feel fat and icky today because of it. Next time it’s a veggie tray! That’s my first lesson from election night.

I think this election has left some fractures, and I know the outcome left many disappointed. I know, I know, all you Obama supporters have probably removed the word “disappointed” from your vocabulary as of this morning…

Regardless, it’s never easy to see your guy loose so I am sorry for those people who had put their support behind McCain. I don’t agree with his politics but I loved his speech last night. I wish both candidates and their running mates could have been that gracious through the entire election process.

And then there is California…

Cali is where I come from. I will always be a California girl no matter how many years I spend in Oregon. I was born for warm days and rays of sunshine. Ocean beaches, redwood trees, banana slugs, and San Jose State Football games are pieces of my childhood. Even though it’s frowned upon here in Oregon, I’m happy to tell people where I moved from. I think California is GREAT. Unfortunately, this morning, California is like the unruly, obnoxious, loud mouth kid in your second grade class that got tapped to his desk because he couldn’t stop disrupting things. You just want to sit him down and try to reason with him and then you realize you can’t reason with crazy so you feel helpless and frustrated.

Now don’t take offense California friends. I think most of you are probably as disappointed as I am today. And if you’re not a California voter then you might actually be really confused about this blog so far. I can’t vote in Cali but you can bet your ass had I been able to I would have been a big fat NO on 8.

8 changes the California constitution to read "only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in California." So that means gay marriage is out. Without getting too far into a religious discussion I just want to say this: Changing constitutions to include language such as this is ridiculous and dangerous. Any sort of amendment that restricts ones freedoms (and that is what Prop 8 does) and or takes away rights from one group of people is not in line with the fundamental basis for The United States of America. You can not live in a country where we are encouraged to practice the freedom of religion and then pass legislature that clearly limits someone's right because your book of faith doesn’t agree with their choices. Our government separates church and state to protect EVERYONE'S right to believe any religion they choose. If we fail to separate church and state we risk losing that protection. If that happens then we become one of those places where people are persecuted for following the Koran, The Book of Mormon, or attending temple. This country was created to prevent that. This country was created to escape that. Turn the tables and imagine a country where Christianity is not the largest religion base and now because we’ve allowed church into our government we are no longer allowed to attend a Baptist service and your marriage, preformed by a pastor in your own church, is now invalid because it doesn’t meet with current laws. Yet, in the eyes of God, it is still sacred because that’s a contract between you and Him, not the US government.

Despite my complete disappointment with California passing Prop 8 I do have some hope in knowing that progress has been made on a grand scale in politics this week. Barriers have been broken and that can only mean that we will see more of that in the years to come. That is the kind of change I want, but next time I’d like a woman to break that barrier…or a gay man dressed as a woman, or a gay woman dressed like a man, or a gay person dressed however the hell they want. Let’s just break some barriers and let people live their lives as long as they aren’t harming us.

And Luzma, like I said before, chin up. Karma has a way of fixing these things and goodness overcomes bigotry and prejudice. It may not happen right away, but it happens and a very wise man knew that and said this:

Let us not wallow in the valley of despair, I say to you today, my friends.

And so even though we face the difficulties of today and tomorrow, I still have a dream. It is a dream deeply rooted in the American dream.

I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal."

If anyone needs to feel a good warm fuzzy today, go read that speech. Feel its words and think about what’s happened since he stood before that crowd in 1963. Those words ring true today, and can apply to any injustice. And adding to the poignancy is the sentence just nine lines up from the very end.

Be good to one another today.

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Lyn said...


As you know, I fully agree with what you have said here and I cannot fathom why anyone in this day and age cannot progress to a point where they share your views. Yes, I said progress. For the homophobic people out there who see gay marriage as damaging to the moral fiber of our country, I will say what I say in my own blog - look at the person, not the action. Being homosexual is not a choice, they cannot help who they are. If they could, I'm sure they would choose to not be persecuted. I say, live and let live. Gay marriage is not a threat to anyone. Equality is a right, not a priviledge. I feel for everyone who is upset by this. It was such a close vote too, which is both disheartening and hopeful, at the same time. My gay and lesbian friends, my prayers are with you! To my straight friends who supported them, thank you!

I've never been to California, Erin, and to hear you speak of it, it sounds like a nice place to be from. I hope to go there one day.

And while I voted Obama, my heart still goes out to the McCain camp - not because you lost the election, but because we want the same things and we are all a part of this wonderful nation. I hope in the end, everyone will win. Only time will tell. Your vote still counted, because you made the effort to try to affect a change that you believe in. I support that.