At least I'm somewhat youthful..

We went to our appointment yesterday and I feel pretty good about it, so far. The staff was extremely kind and personable, not something you always encounter at a doctors office. Even the front desk people were nice in that "grumpy wise cracking I've been doing this job for way too long" way. The new OHSU building is beautiful and we could almost see our house from the doctors office. The lobby has a great view of the river and downtown.

Our doctor asked if he could do an ultrasound, which I've never had so I was a little nervous, only because it's so weird to see yourself - internally - up on a screen. He looked at me, told me I have a nice uterus, hey I'll take any compliment I can get! He also said I had youthful ovaries and pointed at all these little bubble things that are apparently eggs. There were lots and lots of them. So I guess you could say I had my first glance at my possible future children. I was happy to hear that some part of my body was considered youthful!

He did tell us that what's wrong with us is considered the trifecta of fertility issues, tubal issues, ovulation issues, and possible male factor issues. I told him we've always been over achievers. I have a few more tests to take and then we'll have another consult via phone to decide how to proceed. They will decide if there is perhaps a surgery to correct scaring in my tubes (if that's even an issue) or if IVF should be our first step. They are fiscally aware and want to be conservative with our money which I really appreciate. We should know more in a week or two if my body cooperates which isn't always the case.

Scott was a great sport and even asked questions and followed along on diagrams. I'm so glad he went with me. They even let him sit in on the ultrasound.

I wouldn't say that they were extremely optimistic, but they weren't negative either. It was a matter of fact meeting and very informational. But I do feel really good about the facility and the staff. I can imagine that the staff, who you end up working with a lot, plays into attitude and in turn success. I'm going to attempt to maintain this positive feeling despite the rational side of my brain that constantly tells me not to get my hopes up.

I think that getting ready for the holidays will be a good distraction for me. I can make some gifts, get my cards done, decorate my little house, put up my village and snuggle into the couch with a good book. I can't control anything else at the moment.

So that's my update for now. Thanks to everyone who asked about it. While I know that many people are super private about things like this, I find that blogging about it makes me feel better, plus I'm Little Miss Chatterbox, it's nearly impossible for me not to share things. :)

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The Krull Family said...

Hooray for a healthy uterus! That's half the battle right?!!

Kuddos to you for being so candid... I think we'd have a lot fewer problems if everyone were more open. No one's life is perfect, people bond over stuff like this when people become more vulnerable! Who wants to be isolated and callused? Not me!