Weekend Plans

I heart cupcakes. Actually I heart frosting and making pretty things with it. So this weekend I'm going to make cupcakes for no real reason other then I feel the need to work in a medium where I can create something adorable and delicious. I don't really have anyone to eat them, but they will sit on one of my pretty cake stands and look adorable until Scott decides they might go well with a cup of coffee one morning. If you need a cupcake let me know. Cupcakes have a magical quality that makes people feel better just by seeing them and holding them. Eating them has led to states of euphoria.

Pittock Mansion has been calling my name so I think Scott and I must go. I haven't been in many many years and Scott has never seen the house. While it's raining outside we might as well find some inside beautiful to check out. Plus it's supposed to be haunted and I want to go and see if I get my usual tingle-ies when I walk into a haunted area. For $7 a person it's a pretty affordable way to spend a weekend afternoon and we looooove affordable! Heck, to be honest I should just say I'm cheap.

I also get to mop my kitchen floors. They need it. Badly. I hate moping, and my floor never looks clean because it's that 1960's yellow and green linoleum. But I know it's dirty and I can't ignore it any longer. The rest of the house is clean and tidy and that stupid floor has been bugging me all week.

Paperwork also looms. OHSU has sent over a packet that I must have done before our appointment on the 20th. Probably easy stuff, but who likes to fill out paperwork? Better to get it done though right?

As a reward for mopping the kitchen floor and filling out my paper work I am going to Powell's on Sunday to buy a used book that has been much loved by another and will become a permenate part of my own library. With the weather turning into fall/winter I need books to cuddle up with on the couch.

And I guess that's that! I hope everyone has a loveyly weekend.

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