Completely Frustrated and I'm In Love With a Vampire

I spent most of my lunch break today trying to get a hold of anyone at Kaiser who could help me schedule some lab work. I had to call four times and even after the fourth call I am not one step closer to having my labs ordered.

These labs are all for OHSU so we can proceed with the fertility consult and some are timely, read must be done on specific days. These specific days should be coming up next week so I wanted to be prepared. I know how Kaiser works and I know that I have to have the labs ordered by a doctor, I can't just show up for them. Unfortunately getting in touch with a doctor or even the OBGYN advice nurse is like picking up jello with a toothpick! I tried to set it all up last week too and was left on hold for 40 minutes and no one ever picked up! Today I was on the phone for a total of 40 minuets and never once got through to who I needed. Once the phone system even hung up on me.

Typically I am ready for the battle with Kaiser. I've been in their system long enough to know that appointments and the like take time to set up. Today I didn't have the patience. Partly because I made absoultely no progress. I couldn't even leave a message for someone.

Making it all the more frustrating is that I pay these people to treat me like this. For hundreds of dollars a month I pay them to ignore me, hang up on me, and be generally difficult to work with. All I want are some stinking blood tests that I will be paying for as we haven't met our deductible yet!


I am going to call OHSU and explain the situation. I am failry certain I can do the tests through them and I know they will at least return my call.

It's pathetic that my health care, which I pay for, can be so incredibly pathetic.

On a happy note, I saw Twilight this weekend. While not the best movie I've ever seen, and some of the worst acting I've ever witnessed, I still found myself with an ear to ear grin at times. Something about teenage vampire angsty love makes me a bit giddy. Edward was beautiful and more enjoyable than I though he would be. Oh who and I kidding, I was totally silly sappy loe struck by him! They did do an excellent job of showcasing the Pacific Northwest, Oregon in particular. I was able to recognize quite a few shooting locations and the color was identical to what we see here. If you've never been here, watch the movie and notice the green and gray. It is stunning, and quite true to what we see here for a large portion of our year. The shots in the Columbia River Gorge were absolutely beautiful!

***Edited Note****

OHSU just called with my Progesterone test results. They are consistent with anovulation, meaning I did not ovulate this cycle. I already knew this in my head but it sucks to hear it. It's just one more hurdle. Blech.


Jill said...

sorry about the anovulation. I know how frustrating that is! Thanks for stopping by my blog :) Also, I'm in love with a vampire, too. We can share him :)

Lyn said...

Sorry, Erin....I really am.

Hang in there, it will be worth it someday. You're in my prayers.