Creepy Crawlies!

Tomorrow is Halloween, perfect time for gross, creepy, icky things. My Halloween seems to have started out a little early!!!

This morning while getting out of the shower I went to wrap my hair in a towel, only to find a spider waiting for me. He was big too! So I had to shake him out then wash him down the drain. ICK!

Then at work I'm sitting at my desk and I swear that I feel something crawling on my leg, but I chalk it up to having the creepy crawlies from my spider incident earlier....nooooooope! There was a box elder who had crawled up my pant leg and made it all the way up to my knee! DOUBLE ICK! Bug in my personal space bubble!!!! I didn't scream or shriek, but I did jump up and do the "Icky Bug in My Pants" dance. Entertainment for coworkers I am sure.

This is a box elder bug.
They are all over my office, and usually harmless...

We're going to carve pumpkins tonight while we watch The Office and 30 Rock. I'm sure they won't turn out as cool as the ones Andy and Luzma did for us two years ago as a house warming present, but we're going to try!

Super cool pumpkins made by

Andy and Luzma

No big plans for Halloween itself. I'm making a Creole Style Pork Stew for Scott and Bruce since Charity is out of town for work. She's going to the Winchester Mystery House for the flashlight guided tour on Halloween night. I am completely jealous on two accounts, 1) she's in my home town and I miss it 2) she's going on the flashlight tour!

I will of course be dressed up for handing out candy, so if you'd like to see my Sarah Palin/Hockey Mom get up come over to trick or treat. We're gonna be the cool house with regular sized candy bars this year. Well we will have them if I can get Scott to stop eating them!

Hope everyone has a safe, fun, or spooky Halloween night!

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