Olivia is famous!

I always knew she was a star. She has the diva mentality down to a fine science. She IS a princess, and if she could speak she would tell you that.

In March she had the chance to strut her stuff in her very own photo shoot. She wagged, and romped in the grass and ate treats all while having her picture taken by a professional photographer. She was living the high life.

She actually behaved quite well and the photographer even told me she was beautiful. Might be the first time anyone has called her that. I love her but I know she has one of those mugs only a mother can love.

Despite her snaggle tooth and sour disposition she actually takes a great photo and is now in a book along side hundreds of other dogs who either live at a winery or belong to people who work at them.

It's a great book if you're a dog lover. All sorts of silly stories and funny little anecdotes about the little (and sometimes huge) pups. If you want a copy let me know, Olivia will even sign it for you. I promise I won't turn into one of those out of control stage moms....

Just look at that face! How can you not want to snuggle with her?

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