Moving Forward

I have done two things to get the process started...

1. I have called OHSU to get the ball rolling. Scott and I will go in for an initial consultation in a few weeks and see what the doctors have to say. I am trying to remind myself that it's not smart to get excited about this. There is every possibility they could say they can't help us. I need to be prepared for that. I'm not trying to be a Negative Nellie, I'm just trying to be realistic. If it turns out they can help us it will be super awesome!

2. I have registered a domain name for a website where I will tell our story, and ask for donations. I have mixed feelings about asking for monetary donations. On the one hand I know it would be so helpful, and I know that I would donate to someone in a similar situation. On the other hand, it seems like I shouldn't be asking for donations for something like this. There are so many charities in this world that need money, and so many people with so much less than me. I almost feel guilty, but I have to remind myself that if I want to acomplish this I have to be willing to ask for help, even if it comes to donations.

That's it for today....fall is definately here and while I ususally abhor the cold weather I am actually enjoying the season change this year. The colors are brilliant and the sky is still sunny for now. I'm ready for pumpkins and trick or treaters!

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Andrea said...

Good luck at your appointment. I hope they can help you. It is such an emotional and long journey (I have been told). I know you will be a great mom if you are still as fun and crazy as you were in High School. Let me know what the website is for your donations. We can probably make a small donation, but every little bit hopefully helps.