Monday, Monday

Ah what a weekend, relaxing, sunny, three cups of hot cocoa, a little shopping, and football. It was the perfect fall weekend. Only thing I didn't do that I should have was yard work. It was probably our last dry, warm weekend and I should have used the time to trim down the jungle that my yard has become, alas I didn't even think of it until it was too late and I'm babysitting tonight so it'll just have to wait.

After some conversations with people, some soul searching and some self checking I've decided I can't ask people to donate to our baby fund. I can't tell you how those who offered made me feel. Something between warm fuzzy and forever grateful, but I can't ask for that sort of help. It will eventually make me uncomfortable and you all have so many things you could be using that money for. Times are hard now, every penny counts. But again, I must reiterate that your offers were so kind, and so warm and I love you all for even thinking about it. Even if you just thought about it and didn't say anything. I am blessed with some of the most wonderful people in my life, near and far.

So if I could suggest, instead of donating to our cause, send me as much positive energy as possible. Whether that be in prayer, good vibes, happy thoughts, mail, email, phone calls, text messages or telepathy, send it over. I believe that this world is a better place when we're all wishing better things for people. I'm going to trust in my higher power that he will take care of me and provide for me in the way it was always meant to be. If a baby was meant to be it will happen. I have to believe that. I also have to believe that medical intervention has improved so greatly in the last fifteen years that my dream is that much more attainable!

I'm going to continue to use this blog as a way of letting people in on the process if they care to know, and I'll use the website domain I bought for when we actually get to announce that we're expecting. It will be a little reward.

In non-baby news Scott has almost finished the kitchen cabinets he has been making. This means I will soon have a dishwasher! It's been so long I don't even know what I'll do with all the time I'll have now that I don't have to scrub every plate and fork by hand. I'm getting a garbage disposal too! I don't know when it will all be installed, but Scott spent the weekend tearing things apart and cutting through walls to get it all ready. I hate living in a remodel but this one should be small and quick...I hope.

Thanks for reading...I'll try to be more entertaining, less baby as the days go on. I know it gets old reading the same things over and over...

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Rebekah Woodfill (Hall) said...

Erin, my prayers are so with you. Thank you for being so honest and open with your feelings and your life and inspiring me to be a kinder, sweeter, person. Even though time and miles are between us, I think about you often and I love you very much.