We Love Labor Day Weekend

Scott and I had an rare weekend. Usually we're running around town, busy with friends or family, but this weekend we were the only people in town so we decided to take some mini adventures of our own.

Day 1 - Hood River
We loooooove Hood River. If we could live there I think we would. Maybe someday we'll retire there.

Scott windsurfed for a few hours and then we walked around the town.

Hitting the road!
Scott sailing with the wildlife

Day 2 - Oregon State Fair

I love fairs! I adore them. I used to go to fairs in Wisconsin and Illinois when I was little and I loved the animals, the food, the shows, all of it. So this year when Scott agreed to take me I was ecstatic! I had the mandatory corn dog, some curly fries, and a bag of cotton candy that I just finished eating today. We got rained on, but the storm passed and it was back to exploring! There were so many sweet bunnies, and the cows are so fun. I miss spending time with animals like that.

We watched some kids try to ride sheep. Hilarious! Poor kids, they were doomed from the start, but it was great entertainment for the adults. It reminded me of the baby pigs they would race in Wisconsin. They named them Tammy Faye Bacon and Arnold Swartzenhogger....hee hee

I can't wait to go back next year!!

The aerial tram
Sweet BunnyFried goodness....mmmmmm

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