Baseball and The White House

Okay, so I realize three posts in one day is a bit excessive...and it won't happen often, but today is one of those days where I feel like sharing.

In my job it's not unusual to get wacky phone calls. People ask me what kind of wood they should use to build their wine cellars. People ask me if we make cakes (???) like they saw on the Food Network? Um the name of the company has VINEYARD in it!!

This week I had a call from The White House. Yes 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue called. All I can say is they want to use some wine, at some dinner, on some day, with some guests. Vague? Yes. Fun? Of course! I once watched a show on the White House's inner workings and a lot was about the house butler and service staff. I had visions of all that while talking to him on the phone, and of course I'm just certain my name is now written down on some very nice, super fancy stationary with the official seal embossed on it. He did tell me I was "too kind". Such a lovely call...The former Poly Sci major in me was giddy.

Then I get a call today, from someone who knows someone who works for a team in the Major League Baseball organization. I was asked to name my favorite player on the team because they are going to send us some signed memorabilia...well I'll be dammed if I couldn't think of one "favorite" on this particular team. As an Oakland A's fan, and a friend of many Boston fans I am not allowed to even entertain the idea of a favorite on this team. I actually sat there, silent for a moment and thought about what to all I said was "wow, that's going to be hard because we're west coast fans!" and then I offered to transfer him to someone who could answer him. I'm sure you can figure out who the team was. Seriously it's like asking a SF Giant's fan to name their favorite Dodger, it ain't gonna happen!

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