Are you ready for some football??

It's that time of year!

Season starts today! Giants are playing...we hate them. Sunday is the fun day!

From now until Februaury I'll be spending my Sundays, and some Mondays sitting on a couch, hat and t-shirt on, stuffing my face with all sorts of horrible finger foods, and yelling at the TV! I love this time of year!

Growing up I was a baseball fan. I didn't learn to love football until I married a football fan and sat through game, after game, after game. I finally got tired of not knowing what was going on so over the last few years I've paid attention and adopted Scott's team. I guess I could have picked my childhood team the 49ers but we already argue about politics so adding football to the mix didn't seem prudent.

I'm now a proud Patriot fan! I just got lucky that they are so good now. When Scott picked them as a kid, more then fifteen years ago he picked them because they weren't the Seahawks. He suffered with them through many not so good seasons. But now we have the good stuff...

* happy sigh * I am so ready for this! I even have a new shirt on the way. It will be here just in time for next weekends game. Which should be awesome. Pat's are playing. Steelers are playing. Chargers are playing. Dolphins are playing. Not each other, but that's who all our friends root for and we plan to be very loud at what ever sports bar we make it to.

Teddy Bruschi I heart you! Tom Brady you're not so bad yourself! Go Pats!

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