So Tom Brady is out with a knee injury that will require surgery. A crushing blow to Patriot fans, and many Fantasy Football owners, my Scottie included – on both counts. It’s not the end of the world, in fact if any athlete is motivated to return in the best shape ever, it’s Brady. It’s also football, not a life changing event for me, but still a hard pill to swallow. We spend a lot of time watching and cheering Brady and the Pats. I’m hopeful for Cassell who stepped in like a champ and brought us a victory. I’m confident the other players, who work so well as a team will continue to do so, but it’s still sad news for a player who commits fully.

I’ve been reading a lot of coverage on this and the poor sportsmanship of some people is beyond me. Apparently at the ESPN Sport Zone in Manhattan, the entire bar cheered when he went down. When it became obvious that it was a serious injury message boards all over the internet praised the KC player who took him out, and laughed and joked about Brady all while chanting that he deserved it. Say what?

Now I know football is a rough sport. Heck the injured list after yesterday’s games grew quite a bit, but no one deserves to have a career threatening injury. There are teams I hate, for example the NY Yankees, but I would never cheer Jeter or Damon going out of the game with a horrible injury. I don’t like the Giants or the Colts, but you don’t hear me wishing a fractured leg for either Manning boy. I will admit that on occasion I’ve wished for Peyton to get a thump and a bruise on his forehead just because I’m so sick of seeing it in every commercial, but I don’t wish him pain and I certainly wouldn’t want him to suffer and scream on the field. And I wouldn’t gloat to fans of those teams that I was going to take the championship. Some of the things I’ve been reading are pretty vile. Realizing I’m a tad bit sensitive to the whole mess I think I need to step away from it, I’m just really disheartened that people would actually wish harm on a player so their team can benefit.

And then there are things that put everything in perspective. While we were bemoaning our fates as football fans, our good friends were making the choice to put down a beloved dog. Marble was a super cool wolf/Sheppard mix and I had the pleasure of baby sitting him on a few occasions. Unfortunately he had deteriorated with age and it was time to end his suffering. It’s such a horrible choice to make and I know that selfishly a pet owner wants to hold onto this family member who has brought countless hours of joy into a home. On the other hand, you love that pet enough to know that they are suffering and you have the power to relive that.

I know that Marble is in dog heaven chasing after opossums and squirrels and eating all the potato chips and chicken he can find. I only hope that his owner, Bruce, finds some comfort in the days to come. Personally I would be a wreck if I had to put Olivia down. There is a special level of comfort that a fluffy dog or cat provides. It’s a connection not shared with other humans, and I know that connection runs very deep for owners.

* sigh *

If only we could just start Sunday over and end up with a better outcome for everyone.

Marble 1995-2008

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