Just call me Donna Reed

I am planning a Mini Martha weekend for myself. I know a few of you will think I'm nuts for wanting to spend a weekend crafting/baking/sewing but it sounds like heaven to me so I'm doing it.

My first project will be this SUPER DUPER AWESOME apron!

Just take a moment and bask in it's awesomeness. I've got adorable fabric that pretty much matches my blog layout right now and it's going to look oh so precious hanging on a little hook in my kitchen, when it's not on me of course and then it will be even more adorable! If you need to make yourself one you can get the pattern HERE and her blog also has some great tips on sewing and other projects.

I'm also making mini pies. Yep teeny, tiny, itsy bitsy pies in wide mouth mason jars. They will be so cute you won't be able to stand it. I'll take pictures to prove it. I owe some sweets to a friend. For Christmas I gave him Six Months of Sweets and we're onto month three now. Apple pie it is! These are great little pies because you can freeze them and bake them when you suddenly get the urge to stuff your pie hole, and they are single serving sized so you're not tempted to stuff an ENTIRE pie into said pie hole. I think I might try some pear pie too. My Scott loves pears and I think the firmness of a pear will probably hold up well to being frozen and reheated.

It seems that all this gym time has given me oodles and oodles of extra energy and that translates into wanting to bake which is pretty much not a good idea for the hips and arse. So I need to make things I don't like so much. Anyone like lemon bars? Rhubarb? I want to bake, I don't want to eat!

I think I'll also set aside some time to organize my recipes. I pull all sorts of things out our magazines and stuff them in folders or drawers and then I forget about them. It's sad, I have this special little binder for just such recipes and I always forget about it so this weekend I will fill it up and make my own little cook book of sorts.

I really, really wish it wasn't only Wednesday!!

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