Ms. Manners would say no...

but I'm wondering if it's at all acceptable to tell people who smell like ashtrays at the gym to go find a smokers section?

Today I had to cut my elliptical time short because dude next to me was sweating out all his toxic cigarette ick. Yes my dear smoker friends, we can smell it even if you've washed your hands and brushed your teeth. You see, you INHALE it, so it gets into your system. Then when you come to the gym and breath heavy and sweat, all of us have to smell you. As if gyms don't have enough bad smells. Uuggg.

Listen, I get that it's their right to smoke if they want, but why do I have to smell it? That stale cigarette smell actually makes me ill. I'm not being over dramatic here, it makes my stomach turn. I'd rather smell fresh off the puff smoke than that sickly, ashy smell that comes later. I'm nauseous just thinking about it.

So I burned fewer calories tonight dammit. Guess I'll eat less... This battle of the bulge is starting to ware on me.

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