L.ance A.rmstrong Sabotaged me!

It's true. That super athlete. That primo cyclist. That human anomaly sabotaged me! I have been using his Livestrong website to track my food and exercise. It's this super awesome handy tool and it makes keeping a food journal really easy. The problem? He thinks my body is some super calorie burning machine extroadinare. His calcualtions have me burning about 2-3 calories more a minute than I actually am. I was relying on him to tell me how it was working. Unfortunatley that old addage, you can only count on yourself, is true in this case. He also thinks that I burn more calories in a sedentry state than I do. 200 more a day actually. Well about that. I can't be sure as I don't have one of those handy dandy body buggs like The Biggest Loser people do. Luckies. So maybe this is why I'm not losing weight? Perhaps. Or maybe my body just hates me. Or maybe Lance hates me.

The good news is I've still been tracking my calories so I know what I'm taking in. Now I'll just have to really readjust my gym time and work harder at keeping the food intake down a little too. Dammit.

I really thought I'd been working hard. I guess one hour at the gym five to six times a week isn't enough.

I got on the scale tonight and I'm back up two pounds. I don't even know how it's possible. I know I've had a large calorie deficit every day except one, and that one day wasn't so bad. So yeah the answer is my body hates me.

I'm giving this gym/diet like a maniac thing one more solid week. If results do not improve I'll go back to my gym two or three times a week and kinda watching what I eat. I'm not going to try so hard for no reason.

Erin has lost motivation, it's official.

PS. The only person to notice my body changing is Scott, and I half believe that he just says nice things so he can get me in bed. If no one but my husband is noticing, than there probably isn't much change going on. Insert sad face. I call uncle! So much for being skinny for my birthday...


marycressler said...

Okay, so, I haven't read your blog in forever... and today I stumbled upon it going through all the blogs I have bookmarked.
I have to intervene here!
Don't stop working out! It takes time!!! I say that because I have never (ever) really seen "results" from the gym until recently. In January I started taking the 24Lift and Set classes at 24 hour fitness. For the first, oh, month or 2, I actually gained weight... WTF!!! But finally this month (March), things drastically changed. I went on the scale this week actually and am down 6 lbs from mid Jan. It is true, you gain weight when the muscles start to develop, the the pounds start shedding... quickly I might add.
And, I used to only go to the gym to do elliptical or treadmill, now I am addicted to the classes. If you are at a gym that offers classes I can't say enough about them!!! Especially the weight lifting ones. Try them, they are the very very best, and you will see results, I promise.

Ohh, also, if you can get a copy of this months Runners World magazine its all about nutrition/working out/losing weight/etc. It addresses all the things you wrote about in this post. Its a good one.

Sip with Me said...

†Good to see your voice again. I'd like to just put a quick reminder out there that muscle weighs more than fat, so if you're looking to the scale for affirmation, you may feel misguide. How are your clothes feeling? It might be a better indicator. Anyway, whatever you're doing is better than doing nothing so cheers to you and keep it up!!

P.S. Ever tried any yoga? It's been life changing "exercise" for me. Erin go bragh!

Andy Meeker said...

I am with you. I think that an hour, 5 or 6 times a week should be enough. when you put that much into something, you deserve results! I started (again) exercising and keeping a food journal a few days ago. I am going to find a nutritionist next week. It will probably be expensive, so I want to go in with at least a weeks worth of effort and records under my belt. That way they can spend more time on helping me direct my efforts instead of starting them. I am way behind you in the fitness category, but your recent efforts is part of what is fueling my new efforts. Maybe I should make my goal to be skinny for your birthday.....2011 :)