What not to wear to dinner...

First, lets talk about this:

This lovely outfit was on display for anyone lucky enough to be dining at Le Bistro Montage (affectionately known as Montage, or that place under the Morrison Bridge, or that place they wrap your left overs up like strange foil animals and plants) on Saturday night. I was one of the luckies who got to view it multiple times as it walked past me with six foot legs with six inch heels. It appears from the photo there is actually a head attached to the outfit but I didn't really notice that when it was within spotting distance. It could be that I was more than a foot shorter than it. It's owner very much enjoyed sashaying around the restaurant and also having make out sessions with her equally as tall, European, blue eyed mate. I only noticed he had a head because he was facing me as he sat down.

What the picture really can't convey is the quality craftmanship of those hot pants. You see, they are leather, and sequins. Yes both. I suspect they were meant to look a little something like the picture below, but got a little trashy in the American translation? It's perfectly fine for a model to strut down the CHANEL runway dressed like this. It is not what I would consider a going out at SIX PM outfit. In fact it's really more of a 82nd and Burnside outfit. Either way it was a sight for sore eyes. Not your typical Portland or Montage ensemble. It was the talk of the night.

Now let's talk about how AWESOME my birthday was!

Birthday cake. Mom's home cooking. Jambalaya. White wine. Pedicure. Bowling. Presents. Waffle Window. IKEA. Pra Ram Chicken. Friends. More friends. Even more friends!

Yep, pretty much the best weekend ever! I wish birthday's happened more than once a year. I am truly blessed to have so many fun loving people love me. I wish we'd taken some pictures but we were too busy having fun to even think about it. The bowling alley even let me keep a pin that everyone signed, some a few times, some in handwriting I can't quite read...maybe we spent a little time in the lounge.

It was the bestest. I can't wait for next year!

I did actually make it to the gym on Saturday before all the birthday mayhem started and yesterday we took a walk to Hawthorne so I did get my exercise in despite the not so great eating. Back to the gym tonight and I'm on track for a super healthy menu this week. As the sisters LeeAnn and Tina would say "I'm shucking this oyster!". So we're back on track to lose 8 more pounds. 6 to win the bet, 2 just for good measure.

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Stacey said...

What, you don't have outfits like that in your closet? :) Trust me, neither do I.

So glad you had a great birthday! Jambalaya is one of my faves!!