First the peonies sprouted in early spring. They are odd looking little spouts.

Then the peonies bloomed,

and along came a bee....

Mr. Bee came out just as I was taking pictures of the big blooms. He wasn't the brightest bee. He spent quite a bit of time in the wrong folds of the flowers, but it allowed me some time to capture him in a photo.

I leave for Illinois on Wednesday night. My youngest cousin is getting married. That makes me old. We share a middle name and I remember when she was born. I guess I've always thought she was a little extra special. Now she's all grown up.

I'm hoping to take my laptop so I can do my Friday Photography from there...oh who am I kidding, I can't live without Facebook.

Still quite sad about the IVF cycle, but no sense in dwelling. It will happen. Someday. Not as if my body is cooperating anyway. I was supposed to go in for tests on Friday but they were canceled when the timing was off, rescheduled for today and had to cancel again. Perhaps it is a sign...

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