Trauma at the pool

I realize that the gym is open to anyone and everyone who is willing to pay the membership fee. I realize that I need to be tolerant of things. I realize that it's not my gym so I have no say over who uses what machine or room at the gym. I realize I might sound like a total nut log for saying this, but no man over 60, scratch that, no man no matter their age should ever wear this to the pool:

Furthermore, no man should wear this, then take extra large, lunge like, steps around said pool deck and whistle while doing so. It's quite traumatizing for a gal who is just trying to get some exercise.

It's called a banana hammock for a reason guys! And ladies don't want your banana hammocking around them!

I'd never wished for my goggles to steam up before...

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The Krull Family said...

Good to read you got your fat ass to the pool ;)

Ditto to the grossness of speedos. yuck.