The world is heavy...

Do you ever just want to avoid the news completely? Too much violence, too much sadness, sometimes not even a trace of a feel good story?

The world seems so heavy right now. Heavy burdens on shoulders. Heavy hearts.

The plight of the Iranian people, the story if Neda and her death is painful. I made myself watch the video of her shooting. It was horrifying to watch, but I made myself do it because I felt like I owed it to her and the others who want to see equality and peace in their country. I don't want to dismiss it as another horrible thing going on out there, like I do far too often. She is one of many. They are one county of many, seeking freedom and equality. I am not a middle east expert and I don't know what the answer is, but I do feel for them, want them to find peace and learn to live in harmony again.

The argument about renaming 39th Ave, here in my own city is extremely frustrating and hurtful. I've been following the story for months now and watched the city council hearing on it last night. In all honesty I felt like neither of the sides (pro/con) made valid, educated points, and reading the comments posted on local news sites make me sad and somewhat sick. Cesare Chavez was a civil rights worker who did wonderful things for the migrant farm workers in our country. He was a US citizen, and believer in following the law, but also changing it to make work safe and equal for those hard working people who put produce on your table. Reading the hateful comments about him, accusing him of being illegal, of helping illegals, of being Jimmy Hoffa, it's just plain stupid. That is not who he was. I don't want to rename the street, it's a numbered street in a grid system. It's a navigational thing, not to mention all the business' that would have to spend money to change all sort of marketing materials and address related items. I even live in a neighborhood that would be directly affected so I feel like I have a valid say in it. But, Chavez deserves more respect than he's getting. The ignorance and bigotry of my fellow Oregon residents makes me sad. I thought we, the city of Portland, were better than that.

And then there is cancer. Greg is doing better. Thank you to everyone who sent a prayer and good thought. He has improved greatly, though is still in the hospital fighting infection. But in even more unhappy news, my Aunt has been diagnosed with breast cancer. She is having surgery today to remove a lesion. My Aunt G was my "summer mother" I spent many a summer day and night in her house while I was home in Illinois, and as my mom's only sister is probably the closest relative I have besides my own mom. Her husband, Uncle R, walked me down the aisle. I know her survival rate is high, and it was detected early, but it's scary and means my mother and I are greater risk. It's just bad, sad, ugly, nasty and frightful all in one stupid package. Cancer sucks.

Sorry for the bummer of a post, but it's all been weighing on my own heart. I want my world to be a better place, a happier, healthier place and sometimes it's hard to find evidence that there are good things happening around me.

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