Tales of the 4th Grade Something

Today I had the joy of taking my ten year old nephew to his gymnastics class. It's a 45 minute class and the 45 minutes of that class is the only time he was not talking. He loves to talk. Sometimes I catch myself not listening so closely because well, I'm not all that interested in the noises the new Legend of Zelda game makes.

Thankfully the Zelda stuff came later after a few classic Nathan gems of wisdom were shared with me.


"Auntie Erin did you run that marathon?"

"Nope, I ran a 5k."

"Well this kid in my class, at our walk-a-thon, he ran a marathon in 30 minutes."

I tried to explain that this would be well above the world record time for both a marathon and the mile split time. He really didn't want to believe me. I did emphasize that this kid probably ran fast, and ran a long distance, but it was pretty much impossible to run a marathon in half an hour. He still doesn't believe me. The principle said it happened, so it happened. So for all you runners out there, we have a world class marathoner right here in SE PDX and he's only in the fourth grade so watch out world! :)


"There was a birthday party last weekend and they played truth or dare and the question was who would you want to go out with most and everyone said me".

He's ten! TEN! I didn't start this sort of thing until I was at least eleven! Kids are moving faster these days and I'm an old lady.

As he sat down to put his shoes after class on a girl ran up to him and asked him if he had a girlfriend. His answer was "Sort of". This did not deter the girl. She then asked if he would go out with her friend. He said "no". I was pretty proud of him for saying that he "sort of" had a girlfriend. He and this adorable little thing we'll call Amy have kind of had a little thing for a few years and even though it's apparently not official he had her in mind and answered honestly. After the girl ran off to deliver the crushing news to her friend he related the birthday party story to me. He did explain to me in the car on the way home that it would be silly to go out with someone in his gymnastics class because he'd only see them once a week and that's not enough time to spend with your girlfriend. Smart boy!


magaw said...

Priceless! What a wonderful Auntie you are! Thank for sharing!

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