Hans and Franz mean business...

When I named our veggie/fruit boxes Hans and Franz I did it because they were going to pump us up with healthy goodness. I'm sure they'll still fulfill that prophecy but they've already pumped me up. Turns out dirt is heavy and 4 foot x 8 foot x 1 foot boxes take up a LOT of dirt!

In an effort to not be the wife that constantly asks for help with heavy things I've really made the effort to do as much of this project as I can. I had all these grand ideas in my head that I'd be filling the wheelbarrow, pushing it to the back yard and dumping it into the boxes. Newsflash! I'm kind of a wimpy weakling!

I did manage to get a few half-full wheelbarrows into the back yard but I then have to shovel out the dirt, because you see there is no freaking way I can run that thing up a ramp when it's filled with 60 million pounds of dirt.


At least I got some done. Two more days of the same and I should be all set to plant the strawberry plants that will arrive via UPS on Friday.

I hope they are berry delicious. I think I'll deserve a sweet treat when this is all said and done.

How on earth did my farming ancestors do it???

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