Here comes the do do do


It looks like my fellow Oregonians and I will get our chance to soak up a little sun, dry out and scrape the moss and mildew off ourselves. Oh happy day!

I've been waiting for this weather for months! MONTHS people! We've only had two days in the 60's this year. It's nearly MAY! We've had the third wettest April on record.

I try really hard not to complain about the rain, but after months and months of it I usually fail. I grew up a sunshine gal. I didn't even know it was possible to get a sunburn until I moved to Oregon and got pale over the course of a long fall/winter/spring. That first summer up here, I sat right down in the sun for a few hours and completely crisped myself up. That was a painful lesson. Two days of missed work and pretty much a complete skin peel. Not the comfy pleasant spa kind mind you.

I'm so happy I could do cartwheels right now.

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