Green Crafts

You thought I meant environmentally aware crafting didn't you? Not so much this time.

Here we see the supplies necessary to the construction of a very special St. Patrick's Day tutu.

It will be fluffy. It will be green. It will go on a 5k run with me weekend after next.

That's right ladies and gents, it's Shamrock Run time!

30,000 people will gear up, and green up then run around the streets of Portland.

Then we get salmon chowder and a beer.

It's awesome.

Go green! Go run!

Erin Go Braugh!

p.s. This is the first race of 2011 and I am extremely ill prepared. Thank goodness it's a fun run where we dress up and basically skip around the city in anything and everything green. P-Fit starts in three weeks and I'm afraid I'm going to die on orientation day.

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