Oh Etsy...

What's Etsy you ask?

Only THE most amazing place to find all things awesome. I carry a purse that I bought on Etsy and people always compliment me on it. When I tell them where I got it most people have no idea what Etsy is. Sadness. That is a lifestyle deficiency. I'm here to solve that. You ALL need to know about Etsy. It is the land of wonderful things.

No really, it is. It's no secret that I adore Etsy and the goodness it holds. I can spend hours browsing. HOURS. Today while doing just that I figured out that the front page, you know the one with collections of awesomeness, can be complied by people just like you and me! There's no guarantee that my list will ever make the front page, but I sure had a fantastic time making my list. It involved two of my favorite hobbies, list making and shopping.

If you'd like to see my list go HERE I was in a Spring Cleaning mood. Still am actually.

If Etsy was a person I'd send her this card, which is available on Etsy.

What a great way to spend a few of my hours today while enjoying Presidents Day (thanks George!). I don't normally get this day off, but due to the remodel of my office there was no computer to work at, no phone to answer.

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