Tools of the trade

This is a compound miter saw. Just in case you ever wanted to know. This is the reason I'm not allowed to use power tools. So many moving parts, such a sharp blade, it's trouble waiting to attack pretty pieces of wood. Trouble with a capital t. Husbands are for sawing things in half or in quarters or what ever specific measurement it might be, but you measure twice and cut once. That's the rule.

For projects I will continue to use my tool of choice, the Glue Gun. You can stick anything on anything with a glue gun. They even make glue sticks with glitter in it now. GLITTER! God's little gift to crafters, glitter and glue guns. Like peas and carrots, chocolate and peanut butter, bagels and cream cheese... (I'm hungry)

Speaking of crafts, I'll be doing this one this weekend.

Blooming Buttons

Seriously adorable and easy craft for spring. Get colorful flowers in your house without having to grow them! Plus who doesn't love a good button? I'll be raiding my drawer o'buttons tonight looking for the perfect combos.

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