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Portland Fit started this past Saturday. For those of you not familiar with the torture training program, it's basically a group started by runners to help other runners complete their goal of completing a marathon. We run a certain amount of minutes on weekdays and a certain amount of mileage on Saturday. It's spread out over a few months time in a tried and true method. Now before I get too far ahead of myself let me assure you, I WILL NOT BE RUNNING A MARATHON. While I really appreciate all the time, effort, pain, suffering and general craziness that entails, that's just not me. My goal will be to complete a half marathon as outlined in my List of Good Intentions.

I've only completed one run with the group so I am by no means an expert but there is something about standing with a group, huddled in the foggy rain that so often greets a Portlander on a Spring morning and getting motivated to get out and get it done. They don't advocate running as fast as you possibly can. They advocate moving. At any speed. Walkers welcome. Run/Walkers welcome. Runners welcome. Super speed demons welcome. It's a pretty great group.

We ran three miles to start the season out. This is a distance I'm fairly used to so I knew I would survive. The following weeks will be the real challenge. Adding in a mile each week until June when we run the half.

Saturday's run was interesting for a few reason: 1) A new locale - that can make all the difference when you're tired of running. New things to look at make the world a better place to pass by. 2) We ran past my orthopedist's office twice. It was not lost on me that twice I passed a place where just two years ago I was leaving in a wheelchair with a giant cast. Great strides. Literally. 3) I am not alone in the slow runner world. There were lots of people just like me! Feels so good to see that in action. People tell me all the time they exist but I had yet to see the rare species in action and I am happy to know I am not the only one of my kind.

I think it's going to be a good program for me. I will certainly do my fair share of bitching (I've been informed it's not really allowed until we're at 9 miles but I beg to differ), but I'm also going to try and acknowledge the good things it's doing for me to. I'm a lady runner now!

Proud Red Team Member,


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Andy said...

Go RED team! Erin, I was on the red team back in ' just remember, if I (note: this "I" should be bold and italicized) can complete a marathon, then you can too!! You'll be surprised by how easy the half will be with your PFit training. Once you accomplish the half you'll wonder "what next?" That's how they get you hook, line & sinker - you'll be training for the full before you know it!