My plea

Living in Portland, and watching the news lately has meant having the constant updates on missing seven year old Kyron Horman. I am actually proud of local media (and national to some extent) for keeping this in the news after more than four week. He is still missing. His parents still long for him to come home. Our community is ready to know the truth and hopefully see him reunited with his parents. The saddest part, is that as time passes, it's harder and harder to hope for that. As someone who can't have children (yet) I don't know what it's like to have that maternal tug, that feeling that mothers describe, but I do have one particular feeling anytime I hear of a child who has been harmed by a family member, be it parents, stepparents or other. I feel like, I would have loved them. I would have given them a home when someone else wanted to remove them from one. Those children deserved better, and those of us who can't have children have to watch as people who don't deserve them waste the precious gift they are given. It breaks my heart.

I can't help but feel like looking up at the heavens and screaming. What good come of any of this? Why must those poor little souls suffer when so many of us want to love them and can't? How is there balance? Why? I am frustrated, angry, sad, disheartened, so many things. So many emotions...

Dear God, I will love them. I will hold them. I will cherish them. I will put bandaids on their boo-boos, and make sure they get all their regular check ups and shots. I will teach them to cherish others, and love. I will give them ice cream on hot days, hot cocoa when it's cold. I will wrap them in layers and play in the snow. I will teach them to swim and love the water. I will show them books and the magical lands within them. I will snuggle them in bed, and hold them when they have nightmares. I will teach them about the world, and the wonderful people that fill it. I will protect them from evil, and show them light. I will sing them lullabys. I will bake them birthday cakes. I will show them art and science. I will surround them with friends and family who will cherish them and share in my joy as well as theirs. I will hold their hand as they cross the street, and push them forward when they need it. I will play, and teach, and observe and relish in the beauty that is a childs mind. I will give them my everything. Please, please God, let them have that life, not the one they so often end up with. Please let me give it to them.

Dear Kyron, I am praying for you. Hoping you will come home to the parents that love you and want you safe. You should be running though a sprinkler on this hot summer afternoon. You should be looking forward to a bowl of ice cream after dinner. Please know that we all want you home. We all want you safe, and happy. Sweet boy, hang on if it's at all possible.

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Stacey said...

Such a touching post, Erin. I pray that God will give you children to raise and love in just the ways you describe, and I pray that this little boy is found safe and sound.