Have shovel, will dig.

Summer if finally here, and it showed up in full force. Nearly 100° for a few days in a row, and now we're in the 80's. I was super smart and planned to do a little front parking strip remodel on the hottest weekend of the year (so far). Scott and I had already dug up the sod, but I still needed to amend all the soil and plant the plant. I thought it would take a few took all day. Our dirt is made of granite, or some other from another plant uber hard material. I'm not kidding. I was standing on the shovel, trying to jump on it and I it wouldn't budge. I jumped and jumped and nothing. Passers by probably got a laugh out of it and the expletives that may or may not have escaped my mouth.

After an entire day spent digging, it is done. Well almost. I still need the pretty black gold potting soil to lay on top, but everything else is done. So am I. I am beat. My hands hurts, my back hurts, my ankle where the hose connector smacked me hurts. But it's pretty. I'll post pics when it's officially done. I'm pretty proud of myself. I did most of it by myself and for being such a delicate flower I got a lot done.

Next project is the front yard. I think we'll just cover it up instead of digging it out. That whole digging thing is hard work and I'm wimpy.

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