Go! Fight! Win!

Watching Cheerleader Nation on Lifetime. Brings back lots of memories. They a higher level competition squad than we were, but the all of it's so familiar. I miss it. I want to tumble and fly. I want to jump. I want to be one person in team of sixteen that makes one large amazing difficultly choreographed performance look easy.

I was a mediocre cheerleader at best, but I loved it. LOVED IT! The long bus rides filled with singing sad country songs. Overnighters filled with secrets and giggles. Daily double practices filled with laps and stadiums. Yes I even miss that. Bows and poms galore!

I wish there was some sort of cheer aerobics class to take. I'd be there in a heartbeat. Talk about an exceptional workout. It works parts of your body you forgot you had, and makes you arms and legs look perfect. Plus you get to yell, loudly. It's great stress therapy.

Oh to be seventeen again...


LuzmaNYC said...

Something tells me you would really enjoy taking a rebounding class. When I took them, I discovered pain in parts of my body I never knew existed. It's exhilarating and fun similar to what you are describing and you are somewhat defying gravity at the same time. If you've never taken one before, I highly recommend that you try it. If I was in a little bit better shape I would do it again. Unfortunately I don't think I could keep up at this point. Hopefully some day in the near future though. I really did enjoy that class.

Alee and Brandon said...

Oh my gosh!!! I watched that too!! HA!!