Sweet Stephanie

Dear Stephanie,

It doesn't seem possible that I've known you for so long, but I was just a little fifteen year old (maybe fourteen now that I really think about it) when you first took a look at my tangled mop of a mess hair and told me I had beautiful shiny color. For the next sixteen years you would cut, color and updo my hair when I needed it. But more than that, you were a sounding board, someone to share a laugh with, someone to vent to, and someone I really considered more than a friend, certainly more than a hairdresser. Through prom's and my wedding, though countless lectures about why I should not color my own hair or cut bangs you were a steady part of my life. You made me feel special, even when I was a gangly teenager and a nervous bride. I followed you to four different places, I even endured that snotty place on Corbet because you were so special.

I'm going to miss hearing your laugh and snicker. I'll miss hearing about your horses and pups, your farm out in the middle of nowhere, the farm you loved. Our shared dislike of emptying the dishwasher will always stick with me, but mostly Steph I'm just going to miss getting to see you and hear you crack yourself up over your own jokes.

I'm so sad and heartbroken today, wondering why? Why? What happened? Could any one of us done any thing for you? I'm so sorry if there was something and we missed it. It's been so long since I last saw you (my own fault) that I just don't know where you were, what was going on.

I was so looking forward to seeing you next month for my birthday. What will a birthday be without you making me feel beautiful? I wanted to hear you tease me about the gray hair I still don't have and give me a hard time for being ten years younger than you. I wanted to bring you a bottle of red wine for your birthday. I'm so sad I can't do that.

I'm going to go by the salon tomorrow and just tap the 3 back into place on the door, it's been a while since I last did it so I'm betting it's about ready to fall off. Even if someone else has done it, it will make me feel like I've been with you one last time.

Sweet, funny, beautiful Stephanie I will miss you so. I hope that you are happier where you are, that you feel no pain, that God has taken from you what ailed you. Miss you.


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