Biggest Loser? No, but I'll take the GAP jeans thank you!


I’ve been going to the gym and watching what I eat for a few weeks now. I haven’t lost a lot of weight (about 6 lbs.) but my arms, legs and tummy are all looking MUCH more toned. I take this to mean that while I haven’t lost poundage, I have gained muscleage and therefore have actually lost fatage. This makes me happy and encourages me to keep going to the gym despite the fact that the facilities manager at my gym is a sadist. Gyms should not be so warm. It makes the running and elliptcaling much less fun and makes we want to leave sooner than I should. I have twice considered writing an anonymous note to the management but I have been too lazy, fatigue induced by warm air really. It’s their fault I haven’t complained. Perhaps I will just send them a copy of my blog post from today? On the happiest of note, I am wearing a size six GAP jean right now. Perhaps GAP has retreated to real actual sizing from days of yore, or perhaps I really am wearing the new version of size six. Either way, I’ll take it. The jeans look great and I heart them. They look even more better because I am wearing my high heel boots again! Hip hip hooray! Almost one year since the broken ankle debacle and I am back in my comfort zone. Yes, three inch heels are my comfort zone.

Also, I just signed up for this little thing called a writing prompt. A local writers studio here in SE PDX will send me a post card a few times a month with a writing exercise on it. It only costs $30 for six months and it makes you try new things and get your creative juices flowing. I could use some creative lubrication so this will be perfect. I asked for the free trial version first (one post card) to see how it goes, and then I can decide to pay for more. It’s a little like a homework assignment, only more fun and it involves getting mail which I adore.

In other writing news, I’ve decided to take some writing classes. Instead of nursing prerequisites I will take classes that I am actually passionate about. I can decide to be a nurse next semester if I so choose. I don’t know how I’m going to pay for said classes yet. Perhaps a foray into stripping or a night on the corner of 82nd and Foster is in order? That would provide money and also something to write about no? I shall ponder this for a bit. It is my hope that these classes will satisfy me with a challenge I can rise to, and also satisfy all of the people in my life who are currently telling me I can do, and be better. Perhaps writing won’t make me as much (or any) money as nursing would, but it will pay my soul and right now that’s very important to me. Basically I decided that I need to focus on the dreams in my life that are the most relevant, time sensitive and fulfilling. But more on that in my next blog. It’s taking a while to write it out just right, but it is coming.

In baby news, well there isn’t a lot of news I’m afraid. But I’m still hoping, and dreaming. I do that a lot. But again, more in my next blog.

So that’s that for today.

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