and then again....

I am having some reservations about the decision to pursue nursing school. I've decided it will require much more thought and consideration.

The fact is I think I'd like nursing, but I'm not sure I'd love it. At this point I'm not willing to settle for something that I might like. I need to find a passion. I know what that is, but finding it in work could be difficult.

So I will make my pro and con lists and go over and over them. I may still decide that nursing is where it's at, but I might not. Stay tuned.

In other news, well there is no other news. Life is pretty stable at the moment. Scott's not working much but we're surviving and today I'm thankful for that.

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Andy Meeker said...

Ignore my previous post, Still proud of you though :) I am a big fan of PRO/CON lists.