Busy Bee's.......


Oh what a weekend! I am so worn out and it's only 5:30 on Sunday!

Yesterday was:

Clean house! Hands and knees scrubbing!
Bathe Dog
Prune hydrangea bushes
Pull dandelions and other various weeds in front yard
Prune fuchsia plants
Two loads of laundry
Sew my very own brand new pincushion!
Walk 4.9 miles to Woodstock and back
Make Enchiladas
Bake Brownies (normal box mix with Twix bars baked in = genius)
Finally sit down and watch some Olympic curling with the boys! (love curling!)

Today was:

Wake up so sore I feel as though someone beat me to a pulp yesterday. I guess the yard won. I actually can't remember a time when I hurt this badly. It had started to set in yesterday but I assumed it was just muscles that hadn't used in a while and that's probably all that it is, but it hurts to sit down. No joke. My glutes and the muscles in the back of my leg are sensitive to the touch. I guess maybe I need to work in the yard more often?

I'm special. I'm going to the gym tomorrow to try and loosen up a bit.

All in all it was a pretty productive weekend even though I did almost nothing today!

Here's a pic of my adorable new pincushion! Yes, it's just a pincushion but it's my first attempt at a sewing project in a long while. It's a precursor to some other projects I have planned. Love this new fabric I got at Etsy!!

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