How do you like me now?

Have you seen the new KIA commercial with the Sock Monkey who gets a tattoo and rides the mechanical bull? Besides being the best new commercial on the boob tube, it also contains my new favorite song - How Do You Like Me Now by The Heavy. I like it so much I added it to my gym playlist. The crazy thing? Now I want to go to the gym and run while it plays.

Yes ladies and gents, I said it, I WANT to go to the gym. Crazy talk for Little Miss Anti-Physical Activity.

So it's true, I have become the dreaded (not so dreaded?) gym rat that I always feared (longed to be?). I can consistently run a 13:30 mile now. For some that sounds incredibly slow but when you consider that I haven't run for fitness (lets not talk about sales at Target okay?) in about 16 years and that I broke my ankle a little over a year ago I think that's not so bad. In fact I think I'd be doing better if my foot didn't start hurting around 1.5 miles. I've made a real effort to be consistent, stick with my goal and acutally see it happen. I'm still a work in progress but I'm doing some pretty good things for myself lately. Gym. Food. Social Time. Creative Time. It feels good. I feel good.

So the question was - How do you like me now? But the real question is - How do I like ME now? and the answer is, I pretty much think I rock these days!

The past month has really made me aware that you have to make yourself happy. It's your power, your control that will do it. Keeping yourself healthy both physically and mentally is the key to staying happy and in control. So I did it. I made the changes to get there. So far it's working out pretty good.

Here's that commercial in case you haven't seen it.

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