Cheering Squad Reports for Duty

Sunday was the 40th Portland Marathon. Charity ran it because she's crazy like that. We go cheer her on because we're awesome like that. This year it was a bit drizzley and wet. Not ideal for spectators but it's exactly what I would have wanted to be running in.

We took up our normal spot at mile 18ish. Just after everyone comes over the St. Johns Bridge. At this point you can see people starting to hit their walls. I can't even imagine running that far and these poor souls have 8 more miles to go! But they preserver.

Every year we make signs for Charity but this year I decided to make one for everyone. After running my half this year I now know just how important a cheering section is and if I can be that for someone who might be struggling why not? So I made a giant hot pink sign that said "Go Complete Stranger Go!" It was a hit! Josh held it for most of the time we were out there and he was the ideal sign holder. When people would ask if it was for them he'd yell back, "I made it just for you!" It brought a lot of laughs and smiles to that section of the race. Josh was having so much fun we pretty much had to drag him away from the course so we could go meet Charity at the finish line.

Honestly we all had a good time. I think we'll do this on years Charity doesn't run too. Of course when she's running she will always get a special sign :)

You can see the side we made for the other runners as Charity comes up on us! Go C-Dogg!

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