A book worth reading - Gone With a Handsomer Man

Fall is now here, wind blowing colorful leaves around, rain is in the forecast, the temperatures have dropped. This means a few things to me. Time to get the apple cider out and time to stock up on fantabulous books for lazy Saturday afternoons. My absolute favorite way to spend a blustery fall day is on my my couch with a fluffy blanket, a fluffy dog, and a fun book. I tend to read things that are a little lighter in the Fall and Winter. Many stores call them "Beach Reads" and they are meant for vacations, but I need that little pick me up, fun times, story when the sunshine has left me. They are my vacation from the dreary outside.

A book I just read and thoroughly enjoyed was Gone With a Handsomer Man by Michael Lee West. Set in the South and full of delicious cake baking this little mystery was a joy to read. I loved the main character Teeny and all the challenges she faced. Plus she loves to bake so I could relate to her instantly. Thinking her life if perfect Tenny starts off in a really good place, only to have it all fall apart rather quickly. Accused of murder Tenny has to stay afloat in a flood of bad circumstances. From her terrible fiance, to his crazy aunt and the handsome lawyer Teeny reconnects with, the characters stay interesting and the story gets more and more intriguing.  I found myself smiling on more than one occasion and I didn't want to put it down. That's the sign of a good book.  A cross between chick-lit, mystery and contemporary fiction I think it would appeal to a lot of people and it gets a thumbs up from me. Perfect book to snuggle in with on a rainy afternoon!

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