Gotta get movin'

Turns out I only run consistently when I'm working towards a goal/race. Today I signed up for another 5k and scoped out a 10k for good measure. I need to get moving again. It's so easy to avoid it if I don't have a reason to build up stamina and work on better times. Damn this running thing, it's completely sucked me in. I really, really like to be lazy and sit on the couch but I have noticed a significant decrease in my energy levels and my happiness. Direct correlation to lack of exercise? Probably. It makes me wonder, Richard Simmons seems like the happiest man on earth, how much does he work out? Or is he high? (Note: I just googled him because I wanted to be sure I had his name spelled correctly. The first image that popped up was him, naked, covered in veggies. I will never be able to erase that from my brain completely. That image should be illegal.)

So August 14th, Crawfish Crawl and possible September 12th, Pints to Pasta. Pints to Pasta is pretty great actually. Beer and spaghetti for running? Okay! Did I mention it's either downhill or completely flat? Hooray!

I've got my bodybugg back on, watching what I eat and really making an effort not to cheat. Damn that cheese danish that actually called my name last week. How do you say no to a cheese danish from Beaverton Bakery? It's like turning down a free vacation!

In addition to getting my feet back on the running path I decided it was time for me to branch out a bit, maybe get a hobby or seek out some new people to hang with/or see people I don't see enough of. My group of close girlfriends all have some pretty large life changes going on. Some are having babies, some are going back to school, and that means I see less of them. I don't have any huge new things to occupy me, and I've noticed that makes me a bit lonely, a bit grumpy, and a bit jealous. Lonely, grumpy, jealous does not a pretty Erin make.

My first step in solving this issue was deciding what to do with my time? What do I love? Books. So I'm starting a book club. A few old friends who I never see, and a few old coworkers who I adore are going to read some books, drink a few glasses of wine and chat. I think it sounds divine.

Good changes, good choices, good times!

Basically I've got my ass in gear and I'm not letting up on the gas. Going to get this whole body in shape. But I promise never to pose naked with food. Ever.


Life With the Crazies said...

Oh man, I so wish we lived closer to you, I want to be in a book club so badly!! And did I ever tell you I met Richard Simmons? It was circa 1995 in the LAX airport... and yes, he was wearing his Sweatin' to the Oldies getup of red Hooters shorts and tiny tank. He hugged me. It was awkward.

Stacey said...

LOVE the book club idea! I want to come, too. :)
Keep up the good work, Erin!