Warning - Large Containers Lead to Drinking Large Amounts of Liquid

White wine - good. Peach schnapps - good. Ginger ale - good. Fresh fruit marinated in white wine, peach schnapps and ginger ale - Mucho Goodo! Drinking sangria out of a giant jug - super fun! Waking up the next morning - painful beyond measure.

Uggg.I lost half of my day today because I had the worst hangover I can remember having in a very long time.

It all started because we were having a birthday party for Scott, his annual backyard bash. I made a batch of my peach sangria. Normally I'll get a little tipsy and then back off towards the end of the night precisely so I don't have a hang over. The trouble started here because Charity - bless her heart - showed up with GIANT jugs with straws. I think it was a 56 oz bottle. I'm not sure. It looks like this.

Let me say, that never once was it filled all the way up. So it's unlikely that I drank 56 oz of sangria. But sangria was put into it a few times, so there really is no way to know just how many ounces I did have. This is a bad thing. If you can't track how much you're drinking, and you don't eat too much, and you're have a great time on a nice warm evening you're going to lose track of just how tipsy you are. I was really, really, really, super really, tipsy. Fun! But I forgot to drink water and take ibuprofen. Not fun!

It was a good party though. I think everyone had a good time. We had a good turn out. The birthday boy had fun, and that's the most important part.

I am going to take a little break from sangria though...

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