Jam on!

Earlier this year when I planted my veggie/fruit boxes I made a plan to make jam. I've never made jam so it seemed quite daunting until I did a little research.

Tonight my jam plan came to fruition. Fruition. Ha! I crack myself up. Ok, anyway back to the jam.

It's DELICIOUS! I used a less sugar recipe so it would be more fruit forward and it worked perfectly. It set up just like it was supposed to and right now my jars are cooling on a rack. I'm just waiting for tell tale POP to know they are all sealed up.

I had no idea I could make jam so easily and succesfully. Now I want to jam all sorts of things. Sadly Scott doesn't eat jam so if I keep jamming it's possible it will go to waste...guess I'll have to find some jam fans and share. 
Strawberries from our garden. I had to add to this, but I was happy I could use some of my own!

Adding the sugar and pectin mix!
Stir. Stir some more. Then stir a few more times for good measure.

Hot bath!


Now I need some nice fluffy biscuits to eat with it...

Oh! I just heard a lid pop! Success!

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Life With the Crazies said...

Didn't Rachel on Friends have a jam Plan once? Maybe I'm making that up. If I liked fruit, this would sound great. I'm impressed with your homemaker skillz though.