Fun with cake!

A few years ago I attempted a baking adventure that didn't really go so well. I blame the fact that I was on crutches, and baking while unable to stand on your two feet can be limiting. Especially when dealing with melted candy that needs to be kept at a fairly constant temp. So the first attempt at CakeBalls was a disaster. They were tasty, but looked so unappetizing I didn't let anyone but Scott see them. I'd link you to the blog post about it but I just reread it and it's quite whiny. I was obviously frustrated by my broken ankle and the disaster that took place in the kitchen that day. No need to really see that recap when you can see the awesomeness that happened in the kitchen today!

You guys!! Have you heard of Bakerlla? If you have not you should go check out her site 

 I would also highly recommend that you purchase her book HERE  if you like to bake or you like cute things, or you like tasty treats that make people smile. It is also available in your local bookstore which is how I purchased it because I didn't want to wait for shipping.

I sat down last night and went over all the things I'd need to get started and read all the tips and tricks. The book is really amazing. Pictures of everything. I love books with pictures.

Then, this morning I baked!

Just a box of cake and some frosting, my little helper Olivia at my feet, balls made, time to dip!

The finished product!


This was the trial run for some Super Mario Shroom pops I'm going to make for my niece and nephews birthday party. I think I'll be able to pull them off now. The trouble will be not eating them.

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Life With the Crazies said...

Wow! I'm impressed! I have yet to try to make cake-pops, but I really want to. These are so cute!