This is a really volcanic ensemble you're wearing, it's really marvelous!

February: Start obsessing over dresses

March: Start obsessing over hair do's

April: Start obsessing about the make up, the car, the after party etc...

Oh and you need a date too, unless you're one of those people cool enough to pull off the prom STAG. I know a few of you.

It's prom season people!. If you're downtown anytime in the next few weekends you're bound to see girls dressed to the nines, hair all done up, high heels clicking on the sidewalks. Boys in tuxedos, trying to decide if they brought enough cash to get through dinner. The tickets were $40 each, the tux rental was $150, the corsage was another $ much can one dinner cost??? OMG she want's dessert too!

I have two proms to look back on. One was pretty great, the other not so much. To protect those who might be reading this I won't name names or tell you which was which...but lets just say, never forget to get your date a corsage. It makes for a very sad teenage girl. Also maybe don't be dating another girl and talk about her all night. I'm just saying. The teenage girl psyche is already quite fragile. These two things could ruin an entire night and possible make her think the world has also ended.

My proms were in the mid 90's. Fashion was pretty boring. Hair was pretty mellow. I was my typical Play It Safe Polly and went with very subdued dresses. They were pretty but nothing terribly memorable. As an adult I've often wished I'd had the cojones to wear something bright and splashy. Something big and sparkly. I can still remember standing in line for photos, looking at the other girls dresses and thinking my dress looked more like a flour sack than a prom dress. Erin = Total Fashion Dunce. Of course they weren't THAT bad, but they certainly could have been oh so much more!

Well this weekend I got my chance to be all sparkletastic and stuff. Yeah, it was pretty RAD. My best friend insisted (yes she had to insist because I've always been a bit anti-dance) that we attend the McMenamins 1980's Prom at The Kennedy School. She already had my dress ready to go. It was, well let's just say it had so many sequins and beads on it that I made noise when I walked. We ratted our hair, put on too much blush and eye shadow, pulled out tulle bows and lace gloves and made our entrance at the dance. It was like walking into a John Hughes movie. Totally. Rad. I even got asked to dance. He was kind of creepy and chose not to notice I had a wedding ring on so I ditched him as soon as Bon Jovi was done belting out their love rock, but I'm not gonna lie, it was nice to be asked. And yes, I did the Footloose dance. It was PROM. You have to do the dance for anyone who went to a school where dancing wasn't allowed (like my first college). For all those kids who wanted to have bad hair and huge mauve dresses but were denied.

But the best part of this prom? They had wine coolers. Benefit of an adult prom right there kiddos. Strawberry Daiquiri wine coolers.

Did I mention that it was RAD?

We are so totally going next year. More blush though I think, yes? ;)

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Stacey said...

That looks really, really fun! I always say I want to have an all-out 80s birthday party one day, maybe even at a skating rink. You can bet that if I ever do it, there will be Bon Jovi. :)